Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


#62 Facebook’s Higher Education Strategy and Blueprint Certification Opportunities

#61 Alternative Pathways to Tech: Co-Creating Innovative Workforce Training Programs in AI and Beyond

#60 Credit for Prior Learning is Ready for Action!

#59 NETLAB+ User Group Update: NDG, VMware, Palo Alto Networks and More

#58 State of the ICT Sector 2021

#57 Microsoft K-14 Portals for Faculty and Students

#56 EON Reality Update and Grant Opportunity Announcement

#55 CompTIA’s Lifelong Learning Resources for Students and Faculty

#54 Cloud Curriculum Pathways and Updates in the LA/Orange Region

#53 2021 Hiring and Compensation Trends for Creative and Tech Jobs

#52 Cisco Networking Academy’s Talent Bridge Program: Connecting our Students to Opportunities in the Digital Workforce

#51 New Opportunities for Student Success with ISACA Certifications

#50 How SynED Provides Faculty Support Tools and Resources Focused on Student Success

#49 Critical Topics for Community College CTE Programs in 2021

#48 Virtual Labs Update: Practice Labs User Group Discussion

#47 Partnering with Community-Based Organizations to Create Innovative Approaches for Preparing the Workforce of the Future

#46: Programmable Infrastructure with Cisco DevNet Associate

#45: How to Build Digital Media Dual Enrollment Through College & Career Access Pathways Partnerships

#44: Introduction to Competency-Based Education for ICT Educators and Administrators

#43: How College Faculty Can Benefit From the Self-Taught Programmer Movement

#42: Google Career Certificates: Updates and How to Get Involved

#41: How to Bring Microsoft Teams Training to Your Campus

#40: Cloud Curriculum Pathways: Updates and Coming Attractions in the Bay Region

#39: The Future is Here Five Years Early: Pandemic Acceleration

#38: Digital Credentials in Today’s Economy and How Your College Can Get Involved

#37: NETLAB+ Enables Delivery of Autodesk & Adobe Suite in the Bay Region

#36: What Educators Need to Know About the California Cybersecurity Career Education Pipeline & Pathway Project

#35: Virtual Reality Training for Labs with EON Reality

#34: Remote Employer Engagement with Nepris

#33: Using Virtual Labs for Business & Advanced Manufacturing Applications

#32: Digital Employment Trends and How Upskillers Can Stay Marketable

#31: One Year Update & Lessons Learned: BIW Cross-Disciplinary Certs at College of the Desert

#30: Humanizing Remote Instruction

#29: Achieving CCC Metrics Through Market Intelligence

#28: How to Get Higher Transfer Rates in Computer Science Pathways

#27: The CAE Designation: What it Really Takes and Why it’s Worth the Effort

#26: One Year Update: The Google IT Support Professional Certificate’s Impact & How Colleges Can Get Involved

#25: Insider Tips: Wireshark in Cybersecurity Training

#24: Virtual Labs Update: NETLAB+ and CCNA v7

#23: Connecting With Your Learners Before, During and After Class

#22: The Rising Demand for IT Skills in Non-Tech Industries

#21: BIW Dual Enrollment at Cerro Coso College

#20: Exploring the ICT Disciplines: Helping Students Decide Which ICT Career is for Them

#19: Cybersecurity Dual Enrollment Pathway at Cypress College

#18: Save Money on Certifications with CompTIA’s Academy Partner Program

#17: Using Haiku Cyber Range for Cybersecurity Training

#16: Cloudification of the IT Model Curriculum

#15: 3 Ways Your Campus Can Offer Industry Certification Exams – need link for this

#14: Choosing the Right Cyber Activities for Your Campus

#13: NETLAB+ Updates & Cybersecurity Competitions

#12: Cisco Update: A New Streamlined Certification Program

#11: Talent Fuels the Fifth Revolution

#10: Skills in Demand for Creative/Digital Professionals

#9: NETLAB+ Updates & Summer Cyber Camps

#8: Using LinkedIn to Enhance Business Engagement

#7: Promoting Community College Programs Through Cyber Competitions

#6: How WASTC Training Helps ICT Educators Stay Current

#5: Boosting Hispanic Student Success in ICT

#4: Practice Labs in the South Central Coast Region

#3: Completing a 4-Year Degree in Cybersecurity Through the CA Community Colleges

#2: BIW Cross-Disciplinary Certificates at College of the Desert

#1: Digital Credentials in the California Community Colleges

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