Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

NETLAB+ Updates & Summer Cyber Camps

May 17, 2019

This webinar is for community college educators who want to learn more about NETLAB+ or are already using it on their campus. Get the latest information on new lab updates and developments for NETLAB+ from NDG’s Jason Zeller. Irvin Lemus and David Hovey from Cabrillo College will also share how they’re using the NETLAB+ virtualized environment for their upcoming summer cyber camps. Don’t miss these valuable lessons learned and considerations for other campuses considering taking this approach.

03:53 – NDG NETLAB+ and Content Update
05:15 – NDG Linux Updates
06:09 – NDG Capture the Flag – Scenarios & Scoring/Grading
10:20 – Coming Soon from NDG
13:56 – Why Offer Linux Unhatched to Your Students
16:46 – Bay Area Competitions with NETLAB+
19:10 – Creating a Capture the Flag Competition
20:28 – Summer Cyber Camps – Introductory & Advanced
25:42 – Q&A

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