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April 12, 2019

Reaching millions of the Spanish speaking world audience regularly with commentary and content about the connected lifestyle, noted Hispanic author and thought leader Ariel Coro will share with the ICT Educator Series his thoughts and learnings about the unique Hispanic technology experience and what students and faculty need to understand about workforce needs in this rapidly growing marketplace.

00:00 –El Salto: The Leap
02:01 – Teaching Hispanics About Technology
06:15 – Tecnifícate Conferences at Community Colleges
09:16 – The Digital Divide: What We’ve Found
13:48 – Some Good News!
14:39 – Obstacles for Hispanic Students
16:09 – Family Dynamics
17:41 – Representation
19:51 – Best Practices for the Success of Hispanic Students
24:25 – What Can Educators Do?
29:52 – Effective Social Media Platforms
35:00 – Community Outreach
44:47 – Multiple Touchpoints

Webinar Transcript

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