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November 1, 2019

Cypress College is developing a K-12 dual enrollment pathway to educate high school students in the field of cybersecurity. Students who complete the program will earn certifications qualifying them for entry-level jobs in this field and can also take advantage of Cypress College’s partnership with CSU Fullerton and UC Irvine. Henry Hua, Dean of Business and CIS and Stephanie Teer, Director of Dual Enrollment will share how they structured this program and considerations for colleges also interested in cybersecurity dual enrollment.

03:37 – Dual Enrollment Partners
08:31 – Guided Dual Enrollment Cybersecurity Academy
09:52 – Cybersecurity Academy Courses
14:29 – Cyber Mentors
15:38 – Cybersecurity Institute
24:45 – The College Climb Promise Program
26:38 – Cyber Defense Certificate
34:47 – How Dual Enrollment Works
39:05 – Program Costs & Funding Options
44:16 – Team Involvement and Campus Alignment
51:08 – Initiating Contact with Local Businesses
55:06 – Economic Inclusion and Parent Education

Webinar Transcript
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Video: Cypress College Cybersecurity Pathway
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