Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


May 31, 2019

Peter Coffee, noted futurist and VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce will help us understand what’s coming next in the digital technological world and the resources ICT educators can access this summer to better prepare!

02:30 – What is a Futurist, Exactly?
05:18 – Talent Fuels the Fifth Revolution
07:20 – Revolution Becomes Retrospective
13:38 – Cumulative Revolution
17:21 – When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind
29:12 – Are We Creating a Talent Pool of ‘Data Thugs?’
32:05 – Today’s ‘Intelligence’: Not Being Overwhelmed by Data
36:09 – The Talent Pool of Tomorrow Has a New Deep End
44:43 – We Need a New Model
46:11 – What Facts Are Changing Right Now?
54:43 – Putting it Together: Building a Curriculum
58:26 – Your Summer Reading List

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