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With our ICT expertise we help community colleges ensure student success with relevant, scalable and sustainable pathways, fundable project solutions and industry guidance reports. Ask for a custom opportunity assessment for your college!

ICT-Digital Media Sector Team

The ICT-Digital Media Sector team focuses on relevant and effective skills training in the ICT sector. Working with employers, recruiters and colleges, our statewide team of 12 ICT Regional Directors of Employer Engagement identify and advance successful and trusted educational strategies, or pathways, for all students – entry, advanced, and incumbent.


Business Applications Software

There are more than 200,000 jobs available for office professionals in California each year. Prepare students with the business technology skills they need for entry-level through advanced positions in a variety of industries.

IT-Networking Cybersecurity

Many entry-level jobs in IT don’t require a 4-year degree. Help your students get training and industry certifications that lead to well-paying, in-demand jobs in computer networking and cybersecurity.

Computer Science

The California Community College Computer Science Associate Degree
for Transfer is the smart and economical way
to transfer to a CSU. Best practices ensure success.

Digital Media

Unleash the communications potential of incumbent workers and new students with digital media skills for a wide range of occupations and business needs.


Enhance and publicize your
Entertainment classes statewide and help students break into the
industry ecosystem.


Our live weekly webinar series helps educators stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the fast-changing world of ICT!

Join us on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. for special guest speakers and lively discussions with your colleagues across the state. Prior webinars, presentations and related support material available here


Upcoming Webinars

September 20 – Choosing the Right Cyber Activities for Your Campus

September 27 – 3 Ways Your Campus Can Offer Industry Certification Exams

 October 4 – How Business Engagement Informs IT Guided Pathways



Nearly 200 IT Educators Trained at 2019 Faculty Development Weeks

Nearly 200 IT Educators Trained at 2019 Faculty Development Weeks

Earlier this summer, nearly 200 IT educators received training in Amazon Web Services, CCNA ITN, Palo Alto Networks and more at the Faculty Development Weeks hosted by the Western Academy Support and Training Center (WASTC). Sessions were held June...

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Summer Cyber Camps Continue to Grow Across California

Summer Cyber Camps Continue to Grow Across California

There are thousands of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in California, and community colleges are working together to build pathways to fill them. Those pathways begin in middle and high school with cyber competitions and camps.The summer of 2019 saw...

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Exploring Skill Sets for Computer Game Design Programs

Exploring Skill Sets for Computer Game Design Programs

Bungie, Inc. Employees Share Their Insights by Markus Geissler, Professor and Deputy Sector Navigator, ICT/Digital Media, Greater Sacramento Region Abstract: Based upon several responses from employees at Bungie, Inc., a developer of computer games...

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