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May 10, 2019

You may already know that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for career advancement, networking and job searching. But did you know it can also help connect educators with CCC alumni? During this webinar, Ryan Zervakos from LinkedIn will discuss how students and educators can strategically use LinkedIn for both!

05:38 – LinkedIn Stats and #1 Goal
07:44 – Build Your Brand and Contribute to the Feed
11:13 – LinkedIn Demo
15:00 – Finding College Alumni Data
22:51 – Creating a Mentoring Network
31:09 – Where Alumni are Working
33:44 – How to Message Alumni
37:01 – 2017 Computer Science Degree Alumni: Top Employers, Jobs, Skills
38:50 – Utilizing Insights
40:25 – Partnering with LinkedIn Learning
51:21 – Current LinkedIn Projects
53:42 – Questions

Webinar Transcript

LinkedIn Webinar Slide Deck

Connect with Ryan Zervakos about partnering your community college with LinkedIn

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