Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


December 6, 2019

Did you know that 9 in 10 IT jobs are in non-tech industries? Information Technology (IT) skills and jobs are widely misunderstood to be housed primarily in the tech sector, and they are also thought to be inaccessible to all but a small minority of people who have focused intently on computer science. Building on our prior research efforts and mining a database of over 150 million unique online U.S. job postings, Oracle Academy and Burning Glass Technologies produce new evidence that neither of these perceptions are borne out by data (see the report here).

During this insightful webinar, Will Markow, Manager of Client Strategy – Analytics at Burning Glass will share key findings from this research and what it means for IT educators.


04:14 – Closing the IT Perception Gap
06:57 – Isolating the Universe of IT Jobs
08:30 – Non-Tech IT Opportunities Dwarf Those in Tech
12:47 – IT Jobs Leave a Bigger Footprint in Some Industries Than Others
14:05 – Skill Requirements Differ Across Industries
16:30 – Non-Tech IT Jobs Are More Accessible
18:09 – IT Jobs Are Highly Lucrative Across Sectors
20:42 – A Snapshot: IT Job Opportunities in CA
23:46 – What Educators Can Do
29:04 – A University Case Study
30:28 – Q&A
Burning Glass Research Report
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