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September 13, 2019

Rich Weeks from NDG brings us detailed lab updates that will help instructors in the classroom and guest instructor Irvin Lemus shares how the Bay region uses NDG’s cybersecurity online content for cybersecurity competitions.
  • Learn about three new short courses that will help instructors teach virtual storage and network concepts
  • Get the latest updates to several lab libraries for the NETLAB+ community
  • Special guest instructors will share how they use NDG’s cybersecurity online content for cybersecurity competitions
08:39 – Three New Micro-Courses
13:42 – Micro-Course Slide Deck Demonstration
18:19 – Helping You Help Students
21:37 – Accessing and Integrating the New Micro-Courses
22:27 – Key Request for Adding to Your LMS
24:47 – vSphere ICM and O&S 6.7 Labs
29:34 – Cisco Networking Academy Content Update
39:49 – BACCC Summer Camps

Webinar Transcript

NDG Side Deck

See some cybersecurity examples: – Kelly Caudle – Irvin Lemus

Check out three new micro-courses at

Request your LTI key here:

Visit VMware’s IT Academy

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