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March 8, 2019

Learn how digital credentials are already being used by educational institutions in partnership with major companies and expected trends in this space, from digital credential expert Peter Janzow, Vice President of Business Development at Credly. Then John Makevich, Dean of the School of Continuing and Community Education at College of the Canyons will walk you through the implementation process at COC, lessons learned, and steps to consider when proposing a digital credential program at your campus.

07:12 – The digital badge ecosystem
18:56 – How do digital badges function?
25:09 – Badges for College Credit – 10 basic steps
27:45 – Case Study: College of the Canyons
29:11 – Urgency Factors
32:38 – Concerns about digital badges
35:31 – Getting administrative and faculty support
38:09 – Badge branding and engaging faculty
46:14 – The recipe
50:11 – What’s the total cost of ownership?
55:29 – Examples from other colleges

Webinar Transcript

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