Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


May 29, 2020

Hands-on labs are a critical component of CTE classes across many industry sectors, like advanced manufacturing, healthcare, welding, culinary arts, and others. With campus closures, instructors are looking for innovative ways to bring remote lab experiences to their students so they can continue to progress on their educational pathways. During this webinar, we’ll learn how AR and VR solutions can match the hands-on engagement that online courses often lack.

We will hear from EON Virtual Reality about how its AVR Platform can supplement traditional training methods by introducing user-friendly immersive lessons and content. We’ll also learn from Daren Lynne, Director of Special Projects & Academic Support, Los Angeles City College Foundation how VR and EON were selected by LACC for student engagement and applications in their nursing program.


03:58 – LACC College President’s Three Initiatives
05:22 – Current Education Challenges
07:19 – Benefits of AVR, Trends
15:36 – The Workforce Problem – Technology Disruption
16:35 – The Workforce Solution – Human 2.0
17:26 – The Academic Problem – Qualitative Education
18:14 – The Academic Solution – Learn, Train, Perform
21:27 – Advancing AVR Education
25:08 – Academic Use Cases
28:34 – The EON AVR Platform
40:38 – Attention Span & Remote AVR Knowledge Transfer
42:12 – Self-Directed Learning Modules
43:22 – Q&A
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