Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


November 20, 2020

As networks become programmable and software-defined, IT teams need professionals who can connect network engineering, software development and cybersecurity to create integrated, secure, and automated infrastructures to pave the way for new innovations. DevNet Associate, a new career-ready course from Cisco Networking Academy, prepares students to lead this digital transformation. Jozef Janitor, IoE Hackathon and Prototyping Lab Leader at Cisco Corporate Affairs will tell us all about it!

04:26 – Software is Eating the World
10:08 – The Network Faces its Biggest Transformation
14:20 – Cisco Certification Evolution
15:48 – DevNet Associate Certification
20:52 – Course Demo
31:50 – Lab Equipment
34:32 – Labs Demo
41:37 – Instructor Training
51:47 – Training through WASTC

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