Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


May 1, 2020

Countless professional and business service industries use digital media tools to communicate their messaging through graphic design, advertising, social media campaigns, websites, digital images, videography, and more. Careers in this area continue to grow across the state. So how can community colleges help adult “upskillers” stay on top of technology in order to excel in their jobs or branch into something new?

Paul Flaharty from The Creative Group and Robert Half Technology will share employment trends in the creative and digital professions space, and the need for upskillers to acquire digital skills in order to remain marketable. He’ll be followed by Jay Seidel, ICT-DM Project Lead and Professor of Journalism at Fullerton College, who recently completed a statewide project with a digital media faculty focus group. Learn how this group developed a digital media skills pathway of courses that will allow upskillers to develop indispensable skills for tomorrow’s digital-centered workforce.

04:39 – Overview of the Hiring Landscape

08:45 – 5 Transformative Technologies
12:38 – The Changing Hiring Process
13:58 – The Future of Work: 2 More Trends
22:14 – 5 Strategies for Teaching Skills of the Future
28:12 – Q&A Creative Hiring Market Changes
34:28 – Digital Media Training Statewide
37:14 – The Project
50:37 – Questions
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