Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


October 4, 2019

Three AWS-informed options are under consideration by CCCs to accelerate student learning in Cloud Technologies. Members of the LA and the Bay Region Cloud Computing Consortium have established a computer science-based curriculum that is highly effective. However, other colleges are also considering ‘cloudification’ of existing IT courses with AWS Educate support, or adoption of the AWS Academy curriculum. What is right for your campus? You decide, but get the info here!

03:03 – Journey to the Cloud
06:05 – Cloud Computing Definitions
09:13 – Service Comparison
13:00 – Industry Expectations
15:20 – Supporting & Cloud-Specific Skills
17:14 – Existing Training & Teaching Resources
20:52 – Intro to AWS Educate: Platform Demo
29:28 – Classrooms and Credits
37:45 – AWS Academy Introduction
42:30 – Costs and Time Investment
43:15 – Curriculum
45:55 – How to Join and Get Started

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