Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


January 24, 2020

Enjoy a funny real-time demonstration of classroom connection technology that has made Dr. Lance Ford one of the most informative and sought after speakers on this topic…live from his school in Oklahoma!

Learning is no longer defined as a one-hour block of time in a classroom on
Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The paradigm of anytime/anywhere learning is fully embraced by today’s learners. Further, their expectation is that learning is individualized and differentiated for their needs and goals.

This creates some inherent challenges for the teacher or faculty member delivering instruction. How do I respond when questions arise? What content and pacing schedule do I need to follow so that learning is inclusive? Is it possible to differentiate assessment and make it authentic for the learners?

Join Dr. Lance Ford, Educational Technology Advocate for Cisco, to explore how Cisco tools can provide faculty and their learners with an accessible, technology-transparent experience that spans what happens before, during and after the “live” classroom meeting.

10:48 – Administration – Leading by Example
21:30 – Student Project-Based Learning
23:15 – Remote Expertise
35:47 – Are Devices Distractions?
38:24 – Webex Teams/Cisco Connected Educator
44:37 – Technical Support – Understanding and Availability

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