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April 26, 2019

Thousands of ICT educators across the state are responsible for training tomorrow’s technology workforce and have a critical need to refresh their skills regularly. Since 2011, the Western Academy Support and Training Center (WASTC) has provided this much-needed training covering a wide range of topics and technologies like Python, Amazon Web Services, CCNA, Coaches Training for Cyber Camps/Competitions and more! Karen Stanton, WASTC Coordinator will explain how this ICT training has helped thousands of CA Community College faculty stay up-to-date, and how you can participate.

02:03 – Webinar Presenters
05:41 – WASTC Professional Development
08:42 – Where Did WASTC Come from and What Does a WASTC Do?
17:28 – How to Host a Cisco Academy
18:34 – Winter ICT Educators Conference – location, program, cost
25:17 – Faculty Development Weeks – workshops, 2 locations
32:32 – Cisco Academy Instructor Training
36:47 – Huge impact on ICT educators
38:41 – Instructor Experience – Mark Smith, Oak Hills High School
46:16 – Instructor Experience – Curt Sharon, Cuyamaca College
49:56 – Instructor Experience – Linda Fischer, Butte College

Webinar Transcript

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