Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team


March 20, 2020

Karen Beltramo, WestEd LaunchBoard and data expert shows how to untangle complicated job demand and student TOP code data and to develop effective strategies to achieve student metrics, working with sector expertise.

Taking the complex ICT Sector apart into sub-sectors, Karen will show relevant student enrollment and headcount data for a demand analysis. Then using LaunchBoard, she will delve into a few likely CCC results categories to determine where an extra effort in student and employer engagement may be most productive.

04:30 – Why Do a Sub-Sector ICT-DM Analysis?
05:35 – Mapping by TOP Codes and Course Title
15:46 – IT Networking
19:43 – Computer Science Occupations
21:20 – Tech Forest Occupations
21:47 – Digital Media Occupations
22:30 – Entertainment Occupations
25:04 – BIW/Office Occupations
26:16 – IT/Networking Opportunity Assessment
32:00 – Statewide Opportunity Assessment
41:03 – SWP LaunchBoard Metrics
52:11 – In Front of Screen vs. Behind Screen


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