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March 27, 2020

This webinar will examine the distinction between remote instruction and online learning, provide high-level recommendations to keep teaching during times of disruption, and emphasize the importance of humanizing learning at a distance.

Humanizing fosters instructor-student and student-student relationships and community by intentionally supporting the non-cognitive components of learning through presence, empathy, and awareness. Humanized online teaching is essential to providing an equitable learning experience for all students, as it removes the psychological barriers that marginalized students experience in college and can be exacerbated when they learn at a distance.


14:41 – How To Prepare for Temporary Remote Teaching and Learning
17:02 – Support the Needs of All Students
23:52 – 5 Equity-Minded Practices for Teaching Online
31:35 – Principles of Humanizing
35:20 – Be a Learning Partner
36:01 – Don’t Be a Robot
38:30 – Social Presence
43:46 – Adapt Your Teaching
48:17 – Create a Space for Sharing
49:18 – Seek Out Mobile-Friendly Tools
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