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May 8, 2020

With college campuses closed, instructors need virtual lab solutions for classes not traditionally considered “IT” like QuickBooks and MS Office, to name a couple. They’ve found that some students don’t have the necessary computing resources at home capable of completing labs.

We are excited to share some regional solutions that are working for both instructors and students. Learn how the North/Far North Regional Consortium is making its NETLAB+ virtual networking environment available to college professors, middle and high school teachers, and their students throughout the region. You’ll also learn how the Bay Region Community College Consortium is creating and hosting custom labs and pods inside its NETLAB+ system. The Inland Empire’s Practice Labs virtual lab platform is proving to be a much-needed tool in Southern California, too. Finally, you’ll hear from an instructor who is first-time NETLAB+ user about what you and your students can expect as you transition to virtual labs.

05:47 – Instructor & Student Challenges
07:15 – Virtual Lab Options
15:16 – The Virtual Computer Solution
17:32 – Instructions for Implementation & Use
21:51 – Challenges & Lessons Learned
27:35 – Resources to Provide Students
29:09 – BACCC Shared Remote Lab Data Center
36:52 – Instructor Accounts and Settings
39:54 – Steps to Take for Fall Classes
41:00 – Funding Virtual Labs
45:02 – Support for Adobe & Accounting Programs
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