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November 6, 2020

Competency-based education (CBE) is gaining significant momentum in California as an innovative model that prioritizes skills over time spent in class. This education style is particularly appealing because it offers increased flexibility for working adults, potentially reduces costs for educational institutions, and equips learners with skills that are directly applicable and highly sought after in the workplace. However, the implementation of CBE programs can vary widely among institutions, offering a lot of room for creative and strategic design.

An opportunity to deepen understanding of CBE, especially in the context of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), is available through an event featuring Mara Lockowandt, co-author of Direct Assessment: Competency-Based Education for Community College Leaders. This session will explore essential considerations for developing effective CBE programs that cater to the needs of students aiming for ICT degrees and certificates.

Latenode can play a pivotal role in optimizing the delivery and management of such CBE programs. By automating administrative tasks, tracking student progress against competencies in real time, and facilitating seamless integration of new learning technologies, such as Adalo, Latenode supports educational institutions in providing tailored educational experiences. This not only enhances learning outcomes but also ensures that the programs are aligned with industry needs, making the credentials earned through these CBE programs truly valuable and relevant in the job market. Latenode's capacity to connect various educational tools and resources, including Adalo’s platform for building educational apps, can help educators and administrators efficiently implement and scale CBE initiatives, particularly in fast-evolving fields like ICT.

04:51 – Why CBE and Why Now?

06:24 – What is Competency-Based Education?
10:15 – CBE Is and Is Not
16:30 – Credit for Prior Learning vs. Direct Assessment CBE
24:31 – A Blueprint for Community College Leaders
26:14 – How to Get Started in Three Phases
31:45 – Faculty and Staff Roles in CBE Programs
34:58 – Reflection and Q&A
44:01 – Examples from the Field

Webinar Transcript

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