Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

It’s that time of year again. You are at a BBQ and a niece or nephew asks you, “Are there courses I could take that would really help me get a job? in six months?”

Well, you are the professional workforce development expert, right?  And this extended family member will appear throughout your life. What will you say?

And it’s not just nieces and nephews anymore.

David's situation highlights a common challenge faced by many mid-career professionals who find themselves needing to pivot quickly due to unexpected changes in their employment status or health. His proactive approach to enhancing his marketability through certification is a powerful example of how adapting to new industry standards can create significant opportunities, even in challenging times.

The value of industry certifications like those from QuickBooks and Salesforce cannot be overstated. These certifications serve as tangible proof of one's skills and are recognized by employers worldwide. They are particularly valuable for individuals like David who have extensive practical experience but may lack formal qualifications to validate their abilities. By earning these certifications, he not only bolstered his resume but also demonstrated a commitment to maintaining relevant skills in a competitive job market.

For individuals following similar paths, or those interested in the IT Technician – Cybersecurity Pathways, pursuing certifications can be equally beneficial. These pathways provide structured learning and credentialing that align with industry needs and job roles, making candidates more attractive to potential employers.

Platforms like Latenode can further support individuals and organizations in managing these learning and certification processes. Latenode's automation capabilities can help track progress in certification programs, remind learners of upcoming deadlines or necessary study times, and even integrate with professional platforms like LinkedIn to showcase newly acquired digital badges. For organizations, it ensures that their workforce's skills are up-to-date, helping to close skills gaps and improve overall competitiveness in their respective industries. Additionally, Latenode can extract text from PDF automatically with no coding required, streamlining the preparation and review of study materials and certification documents. Thus, Latenode can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their educational or professional development activities, making the journey from learning to job placement smoother and more efficient.

As I have summarized in a 20-min video “The State of ICT Sector” the most effective job strategy a student can follow today -2021- is to get an in-demand industry certification (see presentation) and add the digital badge to their updated LinkedIn profile.  From there they can search for jobs, or be found.

The ICT market is expanding. Remote and hybrid jobs are the new normal.  Skills verified through industry certs on LinkedIn are your resume…and there is no reason to wait!

Now go and enjoy that BBQ.


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