Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

Bungie, Inc. Employees Share Their Insights
by Markus Geissler, Professor and Deputy Sector Navigator, ICT/Digital Media, Greater Sacramento Region

Based upon several responses from employees at Bungie, Inc., a developer of computer games based in
Seattle, to both general and specific questions about the skills sets required for students who wish to work in
the computer game industry, technical knowledge, especially in computer programming, but, more importantly,
solid interpersonal skills, the ability to think as part of a team consisting of individuals with varying skill sets, and
the strength to solve complex problems should be essential program student learning outcomes (PSLOs) for
Computer Game Design or similar academic programs. To that end academic program designers should strongly
consider an interdisciplinary preparation which includes coursework that addresses both technical and
professional PSLOs and which may be offered by content experts across multiple academic departments … Read Full Article

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