Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

The South Central Coast Region recently acquired a regional contract for its eight colleges with LinkedIn Learning, funded in March 2020. Although there was a launch strategy for CTE student access, the region immediately pivoted to not only support CTE ICT/DM Faculty but all CTE Faculty across the region for delivering education online.

ICT faculty from Cuesta, Oxnard, Moorpark, and Antelope Valley volunteered to “beta” test with Paula Hodge, Regional Director. LinkedIn is collaborating with the team to be able to deliver access and faculty driven content to students across the region. The team will be sending video instruction and other support to all CTE Faculty and CTE Deans to support their needs.

For ICT faculty, selected content will be combined with their Practice Labs (Virtual Labs) coursework. This rapid response was made possible in part by leveraging the technical expertise of the SCCRC ICT faculty coupled with Hodge’s prior experience as an IT Director of an enterprise.

Practice Labs adoption by the South Central Coast Region has been fully functioning for two years. The Inland Empire recently adopted the solution and planned to pilot at a few of their colleges. However, due to the coronavirus, the region broadened their scope to all colleges.  SCCRC has reached out to the Inland Empire to provide support. This combined with the nimbleness and automatic scaling of Practice Labs allows the Inland Empire to ramp-up their adoption and support their faculty and students!

Although this current time is disruptive and chaotic, it is also an opportunity to expand the usage of the communication tools that the Chancellor’s Office with foresight, has provided through Canvas and CCCConfer Zoom. For more information, contact Paula Hodge at

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