Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

Opportunities in cybersecurity continue to explode for students with skills in the expanding technologies that are taught in the California Community Colleges IT Technician Pathway and IT Model Curriculum.

The best technology for bringing this training to students is available through the NETLAB+ technology that many colleges have funded through the Strong Workforce program. This virtual lab system eliminates the need to create a lab environment in the classroom, provides instructors with quality lab content, and allows students to access assigned labs from anywhere.

The ICT-Digital Media Sector sponsors the NETLAB+ User Group with quarterly (recorded) webinars featuring industry experts and an online collection of best practices for optimizing your NETLAB+ investment. User Group lead, Shawn Monsen moderates and curates the webinar and the website.

Check out the recorded February 15, 2018 webinar that covered the following topics:

  • NDG New and Updated Labs
  • Intro to Virtualization Course
  • NETLAB+ Linus Content
  • VMware Academy Program & VMware IT Academy
  • Classroom in the Cloud: NETLAB+ Student Submissions

Your students will thank you!

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