Information Communication Technologies & Digital Media Sector Team

The ICT Sector Team proposes three Statewide Faculty-Industry Collaboratives as a way to more effectively grow statewide sector expertise and industry responsiveness among faculty and students in the CCC system.

From a survey of our 3,000 faculty and industry ICT sector member network who currently attend the ICT Educator Series webinars and utilize our ICT website resources, 181 have self-identified to participate in a new statewide ‘Collaborative’ in the three subsectors IT-Cyber, Digital Media & Entertainment, and Business Office Systems.

Survey respondents rate employer engagement, student access and curriculum as the top reasons to collaborate.

Other priorities are:

Pilot meetings for each collaborative will be held in April with regular monthly meetings to follow. Relevant and informed guest industry speakers and faculty best practices will continue to be a featured component; however, shared project/program development and grant funding synergy will also be included where meaningful opportunities are identified.

Participation in the collaboratives is open to all; however, the focus will stay relevant to faculty and students in the CA Community College environment.

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