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The latest updates to Cisco’s certification program were a key part of the information presented at this year’s ICT Winter Educators Conference. The event featured five sessions that centered around the release of CCNA version 7 and what it means for students and instructors.

Conference sessions included presentations from Greg Cote of Cisco Academy and several community college instructors who are using the new curriculum. Click the links below to view the slides from each presentation.

CCNA v7: Retooled for the Digitalization of Networks by Greg Cote, Cisco Academy
Learn about the latest curriculum changes that NetAcad has released to align with the new CCNA and prepare students for jobs in digital networking.

CCNA v7: Network Automation by Rick Graziani, Cabrillo College
Author and long-time Cisco Network Academy instructor/trainer, Rick Graziani, explained how network automation is enabled through RESTful APIs and configuration management tools.

CCNA v7: WLAN Configuration by Bruce Brumley, City College at MSU Billings
This session covered WLAN configuration and troubleshooting, including Basic and Enterprise WLAN.

CCNA v7: LAN/Switch Security Concepts by Bob Samson, Mesa College
This session covered new LAN security concepts and configuration being added to the CCNA-2v7.0 curriculum.

CCNA v7: VPN and IPsec Concepts by Don Aragon, San Diego Continuing Education
This session covered best practices for presenting VPN concepts, IPSEC framework, and configuration examples to demonstrate secure site-to-site connectivity.

Additional information about the CCNA changes was presented at an ICT Educator Webinar in September. The webinar recording, transcript, and other information are available at: /

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