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The demand for digital skills continues to grow across the labor market and is infused into new jobs with related skill sets. Many professional and businesses services industries use digital media tools to communicate their messaging through graphic design, advertising, social media campaigns, videography, and more. Reports indicate that 82% of middle-skill jobs are now “digitally intensive.” Incumbent workers need to regularly acquire new digital skills in order to stay ahead of job market changes and to advance in their careers.

‘Pure digital media jobs’ are talent based and may be elusive to many students; however, digital communications paired with business or other industries where communication is valued will be advantageous to the student regardless of artistic capability or age.

With help from the top 10 digital media colleges in the state, the ICT-DM Sector has identified the following digital media skills needed most by those wanting a solid foundation on which to build:

Digital Photography

Basic Video Production & Editing

Adobe Creative Cloud

WordPress/Web Design

Intro to Visual Communications

Graphic Design

Writing for Media/Storytelling

These courses are also the most popular. The ICT Team will continue to advocate the migration of Digital Media from ‘art only’ to a more multipurpose business communication skill.

Labor Market Assessment

(Digital Media and Entertainment combined)

The world is digital! Digital media training is a huge opportunity for incumbent workers from all fields and business to expand their digital communication skills. Curriculum and certificates aimed at these incumbent upskillers will fill and be in demand.

Non-Bachelor’s entry-level opportunities shown below are limited and based upon talent. Freelance work can be a struggle. Transfer to a CSU and subsequent employment after a Bachelor’s in some related field is more advantageous.

Demand Statewide (Job Openings):

8,665 (without a Bachelor’s degree)

Estimated Headcount in Digital Media & Entertainment Courses:


North/Sacramento Region

Bay Region

Central Region

Los Angeles Region

Orange County Region

South Central Coast Region

San Diego Region

Inland Empire/Desert Region


Is LMI for ICT Still Relevant Post COVID-19?

Is LMI for ICT Still Relevant Post COVID-19?

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Expanding Scale and Quality In a Crisis

Expanding Scale and Quality In a Crisis

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Students who have earned Adobe Certified Associate certifications are recognized by industry as having the fundamental knowledge and skills in a particular job field and software. There are four Adobe software applications that apply directly to courses in the digital media skills bundle:





Digital media classes at many community colleges prepare students to take the Adobe certification tests. If possible, colleges should offer students vouchers to take the certification exams.


There are 4 draft C-ID descriptors for Digital Media:

DGTM 100 X

Introduction to Digital Media

DGTM 110 X

Introduction to Digital Design Principles

DGTM 120 X

Introduction to Social Media

DGTM 130 X

Digital Media Business Basics

View all draft
descriptors here

The Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for
Graphic Design is currently open for vetting

Draft Model Curriculum for the following digital media disciplines has been vetted:

Digital Media

Basic Animation

Digital Media

Biotechnology Media

Digital Media

Digital Effects

Digital Media

Digital Film/Video Production

Digital Media

Graphic Design/Print Production

Digital Media

UX User Experience Design Basics

Digital Media

Web Development Basics


Coming Soon



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