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The Computer Science degree is still the coin of the realm in the tech industry. The best educational deal in the state is for students who take advantage of the California Community College Computer Science Associate Degree for Transfer as a smart and economical way to transfer to a CSU to complete their CS Degree.
Because some degreed individuals (of any background) seek to advance their coding and software development skills as incumbent or career changing workers, we sent a researcher to speak to companies large and small throughout the Bay Region and determined an effective roadmap for a transition to a job in software development or computer science with CA Community College courses. Download and read the Software Developer Hiring Criteria report here.

Labor Market Assessment

For students who aspire to a 4-year degree, nothing could be in greater demand than Computer Science. The California Community Colleges offer an excellent pathway to a 4-year degree through the Computer Science Transfer Model Curriculum.

Demand Statewide (Job Openings) 


Estimated Headcount in Computer Science Courses:


North/Sacramento Region

Central Region

Los Angeles Region

Inland Empire/Desert Region

Orange County Region

South Central Coast Region

San Diego Region

Bay Region


Four Projects Funded, 10 Regions Benefit

Four Projects Funded, 10 Regions Benefit

The ICT-Digital Media Sector is pleased to announce four newly funded Industry Sector Projects in Common. Many individual colleges and regions will participate with matching funding, and all colleges will benefit from best practices shared. Project...

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There are 5 final C-ID descriptors for Computer Science:

COMP 112

Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies

COMP 122

Programming Concepts and Methodology I

COMP 132

Programming Concepts and Methodology II

COMP 142

Computer Architecture and Organization

COMP 152

Discrete Studies
View all final
descriptors here
The Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for Computer Science AS-T was updated in October 2016.


WASTC Summer Faculty Development Weeks
June 10-14, 2019
Cabrillo College
Aptos, CA
June 24-28, 2019
Coastline College
Garden Grove, CA



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