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November 15, 2019

Looking for dual enrollment inspiration for your Business Information Worker program? Come learn how Cerro Coso College is having success bringing BIW curriculum to high school students. Karen O’Connor will share how their faculty package the syllabi and online courses for delivery to the high school instructors. So far more than 12 students have graduated from high school with the college’s 12-unit certificate as well!


10:30 – C-ID BIW Pathway
21:12 – 12-Unit BIW Quick Start Certificate
24:30 – Dual Enrollment Opportunities for Students
27:56 – High School Order of Classes
28:49 – Dual Enrollment Opportunities for Faculty
31:34 – Dual Enrollment Challenges
35:46 – The Reward
37:14 – Supports for Students
42:11 – Submitting Curriculum for C-ID Approval
43:20 – Business is the Foundation for Every Career
Webinar Transcript
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Handbook for Office Professionals
WBEA/CBEA Conference 2020
California Business Education Association (CBEA)
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